Strong. Flexible. Balanced.

KarmaSavvy has everything you need to get the website you want.

Customizable Templates
Designed Specifically for Yoga Studios

Our professional designers spend their days creating beautiful, robust
templates that are ready to be customized to your specifications.
Your website should be a reflection of you. We’re ready to help you create your own website.


Mobile Design

Web traffic from mobile devices has more than doubled in the last year. KarmaSavvy sites are mobile-responsive which means your visitors have a great experience no matter how they visit your site. Your mobile website automatically syncs with your desktop site as you make changes. Your users get an experience that makes them feel like the website was made for them.

Social Media Integration

KarmaSavvy makes it easy to engage with your visitors. We place social media icons, display a Facebook like box, share your Twitter feed on your website, and more to drive traffic to your social profiles and build your brand with every click. When it comes to engaging your audience, we provide tools that make it easy and fun to interact with your yogi’s.


Email Newsletter Signup

We make it easy for users to signup for your newsletter. It is a great way to stay in touch with your members and build your audience list directly from your website.

MINDBODY Excellence

“Is there a 4 o’clock class today?” How hard is it to get that information from my phone?
We have made sure that it is easy to interact. All of that information
is in the MINDBODY system that you use, why not re use it and look good doing so?


Google Analytics Integration

Get to know your visitors better with Google’s powerful web analytics. Find out where your traffic comes from, how visitors behave on your site, what sites and campaigns refer the most traffic, and more.


Personalized Support
and Installation

Our co-founder Brian, seen to the left, is part of a team that is driven to see your business succeed. After building 100’s of well crafted websites, the founders of KarmaSavvy wanted to give back to the Yoga community. Like you, we choose to do what we love. Our like-minded team of Service Managers are ready to assist and advise, making sure that your website is a good example of the excellent member experience your studio has to offer .

Unlimited Web Pages

Maybe you have a lot to say, maybe you don’t. If you like to keep your audience informed, provide teacher training, like to blog or post pictures; we won’t stop you! Add as many pages and blog entries as you like.

Email Addresses

Put your best foot forward in every communication with custom email addresses that match your domain name. IE – We provide a premium email service with an excellent ant-spam system that saves you time. It also works with Outlook, Mac Mail or any email program that you would like to use.

Bring your own domain

If you’ve already got your own domain name, you can use it with your new KarmaSavvy website. Otherwise, we are glad to help you register a new domain name so that your web site address is as unique as your studio and reachable by anyone on the web.

Website content suggestions

The team at KarmaSavvy has been building Yoga Studio websites for about a decade. We have sample text and images that you can reuse for your website. We do this to help you get that first round of content live on your website. This helps you get started and allows you to better customize your studio’s message more effectively.

Free hosting

There is no need to purchase website hosting or even media file hosting.  Our world class hosting facility provides the uptime and super fast load speed that you require.  Our servers have been configured to work for KarmaSavvy yoga studios alone.  This provides you a distinct advantage over publically accessible shared hosting.


A blog is a great way to drive more traffic to your website and keep your visitors engaged. Our blogs come with optional post commenting, social sharing, photo gallery and much more.

Site Map Suggestions

One reality of web site building is that a web site that is too complex can be overlooked and overwhelming. So how do you get everything that you want to say on a website in a way that people will feel is intuitive to their needs? The answer is in the site map. A well organized website leads a viewer to the information they are looking for. We provide suggestions and samples that provide the very best site map for your business.

special instructor profile page

A dedicated instructor profile page ensures that your instructors look good and seem approachable. It allows potential and existing members to inform themselves and connect with your team.

Photo Gallery Feature

Do you have a lot of photos from an event? We provide a photo gallery system that you can link to.  Easily upload many photos at a time. This is just another way to attract attention to your website and encourage your interaction  amongst your community of yogis.

Social Media Feeds

We encourage social media activity and we want to make sure that everyone sees the efforts you are making. Do you put witty anecdotes on Facebook, event notices on Twitter and pose photos on Instagram? We make sure that your website displays all those posts in case they missed it or don’t subscribe.

Maps, so they make it to class on time

Maps add polish to your Contact Us page and make it easy for customers to find you. We set that up for you making it easier for members to get to class! If you have multiple studios we can show them all the places they can catch a class.